CSA Program

2019 Community Supported Agriculture Program

This is our 9th season of Farming for our Community.  In 2019 we are offering 30 CSA shares for sale. 

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, a partnership between farmers and community members. CSA programs popularity has significantly grown over the past few years as a marketing tool for farmers to directly connect with their customers and guarantee sales for the upcoming growing season.  By having a commitment from community members at the start of the growing  season, We, the farmers gain capital for seeds, tools and supplies for a successful year, and You, the community members benefit by securing fresh local grown produce during the growing season at a predetermined price.

Why join a CSA Program?

There are many great reasons to join a CSA program, from supporting your local small scale farms, to eating the freshest produce available, but the advantages don’t stop there. With the increasing costs of purchasing vegetables at your local grocery store, a CSA Share is the ideal way to save on your fresh vegetable costs.  Members of our CSA Program also receive a monthly newsletter email with recipes, storage and preserving tips, farm updates as well as seasonal extras (Halloween pumpkins, gourds, corn stalks when available).  Our CSA members also enjoy having priority with limited quantity and specialty items from the farm, such as chicken, duck eggs and other farm products.

CSA Share Sizes

  • Family Share: Full CSA Share, Family 
  • of 4 who eat vegetables 1-2 times per day or a couple who consume mainly vegetables in their diet.  Ideal for those wishing to freeze or preserve some of the harvest for winter months.
  • Couple Share: 1/2 Share, suitable for a couple ( plus child) for a 7 day period.
  • Single  \ Senior Share: Intended for those who live alone and eat vegetables on a regular basis.  Specific portion sizes

2019 CSA Share Offerings

Each year we offer a variety of CSA share packages to choose from.  Our CSA Baskets are picked up at our Surrey Farm location Thursdays weekly or at our White Rock Farmers Market location on Sundays during market hours.  

A $100.00 deposit for your share is due within 7 days of purchase to secure your share.  Installment payments may be made for the purchase of your share, with share payment due in full by April 01, 2019.

Main Season CSA Share

  • Our Main season share consists of 15 weekly baskets commencing late June through to late September.  The exact start date is weather dependent.  This is a popular share as it is truly a pleasure to pick up fresh vegetables complete with recipe suggestions, storage tips, herbs for seasoning and a fresh flower product each week (when in season).       


    •  $640.00 Family Main Season Share
    •  $480.00 Couple Main Season Share
    •  $320.00 Single \ Senior Main Season Share                                                                   SIGN UP NOW.

Homestead CSA Share

  • Our Homestead Share is for the dedicated CSA enthusiast and our most popular share.  Encompassing all 3 growing seasons (20 weeks) for the best value and food security.  Homestead shares include all Main Season CSA extras, 2 early season basket, 15 main season baskets and 3 late season baskets and a Halloween Pumpkin.


    • $790.00 Family Homestead Share
    • $600.00 Couple Homestead Share
    • $400.00 Single \ Senior Homestead Share                                                                      SIGN UP NOW.  

Flexible CSA Share:

  • Our Flexible CSA Share offers a 10 weeks share that can be used throughout our 20 week growing season.  This share offers great flexibility as you get to choose the weeks you want a basket.  Weeks can be selected in advance at the start of the season or by week based on the baskets contents.  This 10 week share includes; 1 early season basket, 1 late season baskets and 8 additional baskets to be used during the main season.  This share is a great way to try out a CSA program and enjoy amazing vegetables from all seasons.


    • $400.00 Family Flex Share
    • $300.00 Couple Flex Share
    • $200.00 Single \ Senior Flex Share                                                                                  SIGN UP NOW.

Winter Storage CSA Share

  • Details of our winter storage share will be available August 01, 2019